Forex trading app – the 10 best

The forex trading app allows you to conveniently trade stocks, cryptocurrencies or CFDs on various financial instruments. It allows you to conveniently make investment transactions from your smartphone. A trader can check quotes, analyze charts and trade on exchanges anywhere and anytime. It is worth knowing what to pay attention to when choosing a trading application.

What is a forex trading app?

Can I Trade Forex with My Phone? An online trading application is a tool that allows you to make, track, control investments from your smartphone or other mobile device. When a broker provides clients with an investment platform, in many cases it also offers it in the form of a mobile application. This is a great convenience for customers, who have the choice of using the standard form of the platform on a laptop or desktop computer, or a modern, and equally efficient solution, which is a trading app that can be used anywhere and at a convenient time.

In order to conveniently trade forex and CFDs, all a trader needs is an Android or iOS smartphone so that the forex mobile application works properly and the user can use it (read also: CFD trading). With the help of such a mobile solution, the user has everything at his fingertips that he needs to make investments. He can manage his account on his phone or other mobile device. He can make trades, view news and comments from specialists, as well as track the market situation, analyze charts and watch the economic calendar on a regular basis from all available tools.

How do forex apps work?

Forex apps are used by traders to trade financial instruments in the over-the-counter market, and with their help a trader can open positions, as well as make trades. Trading apps are operated directly by the trader, so the tool should be intuitive. This allows the trader to speed up his actions. The apps also have a properly tailored design for a mobile device, so they are easier to use than investment platforms for a computer.

In order to see how forex apps work, it is best to take advantage of the opportunity to open a demo account or use free forex trading practice app. For the most part, all demo accounts work in the same way as real accounts. Usually the only difference is that in a virtual forex account, traders trade with virtual money, not real money. This, however, has many advantages, such as the lack of investment risk. If the trader does not make the right decision, he will not lose any money.

Mobile forex trading – which is the best online forex trading app?

Forex trading from a smartphone has really taken off in the last few years. The reason is very simple. Investing in Forex, having a full schedule of various activities. Finding time to invest between work, family, and social life is often not an easy task.

However, online forex trading from your cell phone makes it possible to trade despite having a busy schedule. In recent years, more and more brokers have decided to release a mobile application. As a result, all a trader needs is a mobile device in the form of a smartphone or tablet and access to the Internet.

Forex trading app
Forex trading app

How to choose a forex app? What app do most forex traders use?

A good forex trading app will assist the trader in making investments and make them more successful. It is worth spending some time to choose the right one. What to pay attention to when choosing a trading tool? Does forex have an official app?

Fast and advanced order module

A professional trading application should be equipped with an advanced module that allows you to execute quick orders with as few clicks as possible. Such a module also has the advantage of displaying all the most important information about a specific financial instrument. The mobile forex application should have an identical relationship time as the desktop version.


The best forex trading app should have a number of useful features, such as:

  • Constant access to the order book, so you can view orders in real time,
  • Algorithmic orders – for placing orders on foreign markets, e.g. USA, Asia,
  • Macroeconomic calendar – thanks to it you can learn about key events that affect the behavior of markets,
  • Market recommendations – accurate indications in real time – what and when to buy or sell,
  • Copy trading – allows you to copy the movements of other, more experienced traders.

These are a few of the most important features to look out for when choosing a trading app. Advanced traders may require more additional features.

Usability of the app

It is also worth paying attention to whether the chosen forex trading app is convenient to use. This is especially important for short-term traders who enter into many trading positions every day. If they can’t make quick moves, and the app slows them down, it can affect the trader’s loss generation. Therefore, a mobile forex app should be relatively easy to use and have a user-friendly interface.


There is a double security concern here. The first is whether the broker that provides the app is properly regulated by serious financial institutions. In example in Poland this is the National Financial Supervision, and in the world, reliable bodies are either the FCA or CySEC. It’s important to choose a broker that is under the control of such authorities, because traders entrust their money to it and in case of any problems it’s worth being sure that the company operates honestly and is supervised by solid financial institutions.

It’s also about paying attention to whether the trading application is a fallback. In case a trader wants to make a quick trade, he should be able to do so without any problems. It is best to opt for a broker and such an application that is already well established on the market and has been tested by most traders.

Wide availability of markets

Advanced traders are well aware that in order to reduce the risk of losing money, it is necessary to ensure proper diversification of the investment portfolio. Trading should not be about buying a single financial instrument, so when choosing a forex app, pay attention to the available markets. In addition to currency market instruments, forex mobile apps sometimes provide CFDs.

The tools also allow you to invest in CFDs on stocks, indices or cryptocurrencies. For traders who want to diversify their portfolio, apps with access to the OTC market are a good way.

Extensive reports

Reports generated by forex apps are very helpful in analyzing the market, and when choosing trading software, it is worth betting on one with reports presented in the form of extended tables, as they provide very valuable information, as well as being easy to read.

Forex trading app
Forex trading app

Demo account for testing

A great way to go about choosing a good forex application is to test it in advance with a demo account. Most of the best brokers provide their trading platforms in the form of a free demo account. A trader who wants to test the application’s functionality beforehand is given access to a demo account. First, you need to register on the platform, and after providing a username and password, you can use the available functionalities.

No own funds are deposited into the demo account. A pool of virtual money is available, which the user can use freely, investing it in various financial instruments. In the demo account, you can make riskier moves and observe the consequences, as there is no investment risk in this case and the user will not lose any money.

However, it is worth knowing that some brokers provide a demo account only in a truncated version, and some put at the disposal of users the full version of the platform. However, even its truncated part is enough to learn how the application works and how the market works.

What is the best forex trading app for beginners?

A good forex trading application should have certain features that make it able to improve the efficiency of investment, and the trader is happy and comfortable to use it.

Forex trading app xStation

When it comes to Polish forex apps, the xStation app from broker XTB is in the lead. It features a user-friendly interface, as well as smooth operation, while providing access to a variety of functionalities. Using the application, you can use almost all the functions that the browser version offers.

With the help of the xStation Application, a trader can analyze as well as view charts of all financial instruments that are offered by the broker, while using a variety of technical analysis tools, such as moving averages, Fibonacci retracements, Ichimoku, etc. You can also conveniently place orders, such as pending, immediate, stop loss, as well as set price alerts.

The xStation forex application is linked to an XTB account and provides commission-free trading on more than 300 Polish stocks, as well as ETFs on such indices as WIG20 and mWIG40. It also allows trading in CFDs on Polish stocks, as well as the WIG20 index, while offering attractive spreads. For active investors who are interested in the Warsaw Stock Exchange, this is a fully sufficient offer.

The app is also equipped with a friendly “News” section. In it, important information about the economies and financial markets, analysis, various webinars and commentaries appear on a regular basis. These are helpful not only for beginners, but also for professional traders.

Meta Trader 4 application

The forex trading app Meta Trader 4 can be installed on any mobile device, just like xStation. It is very popular in the forex community and is a solid tool for trading in international markets. It is characterized by simplicity of use, as well as many useful features.

The Meta Trader 4 mobile app is available biased with Android and iOS. It allows you to easily analyze the market and manage your portfolio, as well as make investment decisions. From the application the trader is able to, among other things, make transactions to buy and sell financial instruments, check real-time quotes, analyze charts, as well as use the necessary tools and indicators.

Forex trading application eToro

One of the most popular forex brokers is also an eToro broker. It is known for its well-designed as well as well-equipped investment platform, which is also such in its mobile version. It is characterized by simplicity of use, as well as an intuitive interface, which is related to great adaptation to the specifics of the phone.

Forex trading app
Forex trading app

What’s more, it has all the necessary functionalities that are useful for a trader and is properly secured. The eToro broker offers a wide range of assets, so there is something for every trader. Fees are usually low, except for slightly higher commissions, which apply to Forex. However, the downsides include a fixed margin on withdrawing funds.

ForexTB mobile application

This app is highly trusted and popular. Its credibility is confirmed by numerous regulations, such as CySEC. The forex trading app is brilliantly designed and does not cause any problems in use. However, it lacks some important search functions. The trouble is certainly the variability of spreads, depending on the user’s account type, as this broker offers different account types.

On the other hand, pluses include low commissions, especially on VIP accounts despite the fact that the broker charges a fee for inactivity.

AvaTrade mobile app

As for AvaTrade, the web platform does not stand out, but the app does. Even after the first use, a trader can see that the tool was created with the convenience and comfort of users in mind, and it has done the job properly.

It is equipped with a useful set of functionalities, but the double security is missing. However, in return, the trader receives an additional type of order – AvaProtect, which protects the trader from losses thanks to an increased commission.

In this case, the list of assets is limited to Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs. Commissions are a little higher than at more reputable brokers, but they are still within the norm.

NAGA trading app

NAGA is available for both Android and iOS devices and allows you to invest in real stocks, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, Forex and ETFs.

It was only launched in 2017 and has gained a lot of popularity due to its security, ease of use, as well as convenience – no commission is charged when trading stocks.

For less experienced traders, for whom the NAGA platform is highly recommended, several important services are available, such as a free demo account, training and social trading, which allows a trader to automatically copy the investment moves of other traders who are more experienced and generate the same profits. It is good forex trading app for beginners.

DEGIRO mobile app

Degiro is a Dutch for trading that has become very popular in Europe, as it allows direct access to all major European exchanges. With its help you can also buy real stocks or ETFs, which have low commissions.

Forex trading app
Forex trading app

This forex trading application will work especially well for long-term investments in stocks and ETFs. It offers 200 ETFs from Europe for free, which means that the trader can trade them without commissions. On the other hand, if a player is interested in short-term trading, he should keep in mind that this platform does not offer accurate technical analysis functions, so it is possible that it will have to be used in conjunction with an external analytical tool.

Degiro also does not offer a free demo account. However, it does not require a minimum initial deposit to start investing. The registration process is very fast, and there are no investment account fees, as well as other hidden costs.

Plus500 app

This is one of the most popular trading apps in Europe. It also provides one of the best demo accounts for trading virtual funds.

Plus500 is listed on the stock exchange, and this says a lot about its credibility and reliability. The trading application features an intuitive interface and high-level usability.

However, the app does not offer the ability to buy real stocks, but CFDs. This means that it will not be suitable for investors who are engaged in long-term investments. Instead, it is ideal for short-term investments with CFDs on stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, Forex, commodities. All this with low spreads and zero commissions.

In turn, a free demo account allows you to discover the full potential of Plus500. On the other hand, a minimum deposit of €100 is required to start real trading.

Trading 212 app

Trading 212 is a London-based broker that allows clients to invest in stocks, as well as CFD instruments such as commodities, currencies and cryptocurrencies. The forex trading application of this broker is one of the most popular around the world. In this case, however, you need to be fluent in English, as the broker does not offer customer service in Polish.

The application provides trading in currencies, gold, cryptocurrencies and stocks from an innovative platform. It provides access to 750 financial instruments, allows you to create and view charts. In addition, the trader gets access to news previews, as well as financial analysis.

ProRealTime application

This is an investment platform that has been around for 19 years and boasts one of the best trading programs on the market. It allows you to place and manage orders either directly from the charts or through one of four order book display modes.

Orders are executed very quickly and detailed price reports are available, as well as real-time financial news and the creation of custom indicators and stock comparisons. app

The broker’s forex platform offers a two-step secure login process, and biometric authentication is also available. Customers can quickly learn to use the many different features of the mobile forex trading app. The same order types and order time limits that can be used on the web-based trading platform are available on it.’s mobile app allows you to set up notifications and alerts. To set them up, simply select the assets and price levels that the trader wants to be notified about.

What is the best forex trading app?

Although the Meta Trader 4 app has the best reputation among traders, this does not mean that it will be the best for everyone. For beginner traders, Meta Trader 4 will certainly meet their expectations. Easy access and a clear interface will make it very easy for them to take their first steps in the market. In case of possible problems, traders can find a useful educational section, which is worth using if necessary.

Experienced traders may be happier with the newer version of MT4, i.e. Meta Trader 5, as it does a better job of analyzing the market, offering more useful tools. In case the Meta Trader 4 or Meta Trader 5 demo account will be too complicated for the trader, he can check out the eToro demo account or the Plus500 demo account. In the latter case, the interface in the Polish language and the limited number of functions for beginners is quite an advantage.

In addition to choosing an application, it is also important to use it skillfully. That is, you should take advantage of the functions available in it and use all alerts, notifications and other facilities.

How to use a forex app effectively?

To make sure that the trading app is not an unnecessary gadget on your phone, but a useful investment tool, you need to use it skillfully. It is worth learning about the functions it contains and personalizing them to suit the trader’s style of play. Here are some tips to help traders get started with mobile trading.

Forex trading app
Forex trading app

Building algorithms

The available functions allow you to create charts and generate data that will be a great fit for the trader’s style of play and the assets he or she is interested in. Do not be afraid to experiment with analytical tools to find the best settings. After all, they were created to help traders navigate the stock market as accurately as possible.

Using notifications

Almost every trading application allows you to set up notifications that pertain to important analysis and valuations or price changes. If a trader sets them up, information that is important to him will appear directly on the device screen.
The trader can personalize the alerts according to his preferences, so that no opportunity escapes him. The app will notify him when it is best to close an existing position or open a new one.

Access to news

Forex apps not only provide access to charts and investment tools, but are also a great source of information about the markets. Even if at a particular moment a trader does not intend to fail a trade via smartphone, he will be able to track the most important news from the world of the stock market. This will keep him abreast of important events and ensure that no opportunity will pass him by.

How much does it cost to use a forex app?

An important issue when choosing an application, is the cost of using it. Beforehand, you should check what the cost of opening an investment account is, what spreads the broker charges, and what commissions it charges. It is also worth checking whether the broker charges fees for opening and maintaining an investment account.

Access to training materials, provided by the selected broker, may also be charged. Of course, many brokers do not charge any fees for account maintenance, although they may charge for inactivity on the account.
It is not always the case that a free investment account is better than a paid one. It may turn out that the broker will compensate for the lack of account fees by charging high commissions.

Is it worth using trading apps?

Trading apps are great as a support for investors, as well as the main way to invest in the stock market. Thanks to mobility, a trader can invest on a completely different level, as he will not miss any opportunity to make a good deal. Moreover, he will be able to track the most important stock market information no matter where he is.

The forex mobile app is a great way to trade on the stock market for both investors who look at their investment portfolio a few times a year and advanced stock market players.

The forex trading app will also come in handy when a trader has to leave his seat at his desk for various reasons. With the help of this tool, he will be able to conveniently conduct transactions on the move.

Advantages and disadvantages of forex apps

Constant access to an investment account is, on the one hand, a great boon, but also a curse. There is also a psychological aspect associated with trading, which is often ignored by traders. Many traders can fail due to either greed or fear. Some traders, due to human nature, feel a constant need to be in the market. Just because the market is open, it is not necessary to trade on it all the time.

This leads to so-called overtrading, which in turn leads to increased risk. In turn, to exposes the account to the risk of losing funds, and there may be a need to replenish the deposit. Overtrading is the biggest enemy of traders. This is especially true when forex trading is commonplace. Of course, brokers are happy with this, because they make money regardless of whether the trader is profitable or not. They charge a commission for each trade, regardless of whether it was profitable for the trader, as well as a commission in the form of spreads.

Therefore, when a trader overtrades, the intermediary will earn more in commissions as trading activity increases. However, brokers have to be very careful, because a trader who zeroes out his account is not active, and there is a high risk that the account will no longer be credited. That is, the broker’s real task is to make sure the trader is active, as only active traders bring in commissions every day.

Forex trading app
Forex trading app

Short-term traders, from the broker’s point of view, are the best customers, since they make many trades every day. Mobile trading allows traders to be even more active than before. Having a forex app and being able to look into investments at any time of the day and anywhere in the world is a huge convenience. The advantages of forex apps also include the fact that they mostly work in the same way as browser-based platforms. This allows you to use all the functionality of the platform, but in a mobile version.

Is mobile trading a good idea?

Many people wonder whether investing from a cell phone is a good idea, and whether it is a safe activity. Is it even possible? It’s hard to imagine professional traders using only a smartphone for all their trading. Of course, a larger screen on a laptop or computer is a great convenience, but not a necessary requirement. Some forex strategies can be executed exclusively with a smartphone or tablet.

How to invest in forex? Some useful tips

Investing in the foreign exchange market is now within the reach of anyone who has the desire to do so. All you need is a minimum initial deposit, which is required by the broker of your choice, although some do not set it, and anyone, whether they have the means or not, can open an investment account. Such high availability causes many people to opt for trading without proper preparation, which plays a huge role in successful investing. What is worth knowing before starting to invest online?

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Theoretical knowledge

When it comes to investing, a complete layman will certainly fail in the market. Beforehand, you should know at least the basics related to investing. You can get knowledge from a variety of sources, such as audiobooks, ebooks, online articles, webinars, but you should also take advantage of training courses. Trading courses are available both online and onsite. Moreover, depending on your preference, you can opt for paid or free training. Nevertheless, before starting to invest, it is a good idea to learn the basics of trading and the concepts involved. This will help the trader navigate smoothly in this environment.

Investing on a demo account

Before setting up a real investment account, it is best to learn about the operation of the market and the functionality of the platform on a demo account. Moreover, you can test your investment strategy. In a demo account, fake money is traded, so that the client does not lose his money if a loss is generated.

On such an account, such as XTB demo, it is best to play for at least a few months. This will allow you to get a thorough understanding of the market and the investment platform. Professional traders, on the other hand, often use a real account and a demo account at the same time, honing their strategy or testing a new one. Some brokers provide a demo account indefinitely, while others limit the time spent on a demo account, no. to a few months.

Investing with a plan

Having a plan, or investment strategy, is very important. Without it, one should not start trading. The strategy determines what the trader is supposed to do, and thanks to it, the trader knows what to follow.

Depending on individual preferences, a trader can either use already existing forex strategies or take elements from them that the trader thinks will be appropriate and create his own investment strategy. The plan will help reduce investment risk and make more effective investments.

Acceptance of risk

Risk is an element of the stock market game that is not worth fighting against, and is best accepted. You have to accept that the capital that will be deposited by the trader can be lost, and at a very fast rate.

However, the risk can be minimized by applying the principles presented. It can be reduced, but it cannot be completely eliminated.

Portfolio diversification

Diversification may sound a bit complicated, but it is nothing difficult. The idea is that a trader should not put all his money in one type of financial instrument or in one industry if he wants to invest only in stocks, for example. In this way, you can protect from at least some of your capital. In a situation where one asset loses value, other assets can go up, so that the trader doesn’t lose all his money, and can even make up for the loss.

Investing according to knowledge

It is best not to throw yourself into the deep end right away. Knowledge is gained gradually, and this is also the way to invest. You should start with financial instruments about which you have some idea and knowledge. Only then, gradually, can you start putting money into other assets. It’s not worth rushing, and you should invest in different assets at your own pace.

Investing free money

Money allocated for trading should be “free”. What does this mean? Funds can be lost at any time, and if this happens, their loss should not in any way negatively affect the trader’s household budget. It should be money that can be lost.

Also, one should not borrow from loan companies or loved ones in order to have money to invest. You can expose yourself to a huge loss, which will put the trader into a debt spiral from which it will be very difficult to get out.

Does the choice of forex broker matter?

A forex broker is an intermediary that mediates between the trader and the exchange. It provides an investment platform through which the trader can make trades on the market. The broker earns money from commissions and spreads, and sometimes other fees.

In addition to choosing the right trading application, it is important to choose the right broker who provides it. What to pay attention to when choosing a Forex broker?

  • Safety – a safe broker is a regulated broker. It is worth checking by which authorities the chosen broker is supervised. The supervision is carried out by the Financial Supervision Commission,
  • Fees – beforehand, you should familiarize yourself with all the costs charged by the broker. If the broker directly does not disclose this, it may be a dishonest entity,
  • Availability of markets – a trader should verify in advance whether the chosen broker offers those financial instruments that are of interest to the trader,
  • Provided forex applications – it is essential to check whether the broker provides the broker’s desired platforms in the form of applications. Some offer only one platform, while others, for example, offer 2 – Meta Trader 4 and a proprietary one.

The forex trading application is a tool that provides great convenience to users. It allows you to have your investments under control at all times anywhere in the world. Most trading apps have the same functions as investment platforms for a web browser. However, it is worth using them skillfully so that they become a useful tool and not an unnecessary gadget on your phone.

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